a.jpg (36328 bytes) Jen at age 5 months.
June Of 1977.
I was cute, huh?
I think I was about 2 years old here.
Still has the Hawaiian background
where I was born.
b.jpg (22798 bytes)
c.jpg (64292 bytes) I must have been about 4 years old here.
I think I was living in Huntinton Beach.
Grandma dressed me and my cousin Alyssa
in matching hand made dresses. I think I am
5 or 6 here.
d.jpg (23848 bytes)
e.jpg (27113 bytes) My great-grandparents, Nana and
Grand-poppy. Or Kate and Dimas
(or Cab) as know by the adults in
my family. They live in Providence,
RI. I used to fly out and visit them
every year.
My latest trip back to Hawaii. First time
there since I left when I was 2. Loved it!
I think I am 15 here. The infamous Fern
Grotto is behind me.
f.jpg (21193 bytes)
g.jpg (30997 bytes) Trying out the duds before I get to Hawaii.
Surprise trip from my grandparents.
  h.jpg (15286 bytes)